JULY 12 — 16 | 10:00 AM — 12:30 PM
A summer of great mental health!

Improve your child’s mental health this summer!

KIDTHINK is offering intensive children and caregiver groups, focused on positive coping and resilience. FRIENDS Resilience programs are cognitive behavioural therapy-based programs, endorsed as best practice by the World Health Organization for the prevention and treatment of anxiety and depression in children, while promoting resilience in families, schools and communities.
Children and caregivers will learn skills for:
• Coping with challenging situations
• Self – regulation
• Self – soothing skills and
• Problem-solving skills, among others.

$1,300: One child & one parent / caregiver
Register today via email: info@kidthink.ca

For more info, call 431.388.5373
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FRIENDS Resilience

FRIENDS Resilience programs are a suite of developmentally sensitive, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) based programs developed by Dr. Paula Barrett designed to build life-long resilience in children, families, adults, schools, and communities. The World Health Organization has endorsed them as a best practice for the prevention and treatment of anxiety and depression in children while also promoting resilience.

FRIENDS Resilience programs

  • Teach life skills for coping with challenging situations
  • Normalise states of emotional distress
  • Develop self-regulation and self-soothing skills
  • Promote self-confidence and empathy
  • Build positive social networks and identify role models
  • Identify values that will promote positive choices
  • Improve attitudes to learning and academic performance
  • Teach constructive peer relationship skills and reduce bullying

KIDTHINK is pleased to be able to offer children, families, daycares and schools the following FRIENDS Resilience programs and resources. These are typically multi-session group programs delivered over a total of 10-12 hours. For more information about the programs you can visit the website at www.friendsresilience.org.

Fun FRIENDS (ages 4-7)

The Fun FRIENDS Program helps guide the social and emotional development for children aged 4 to 7 using fun, play-focused group activities that allow children to build foundational resilience skills that help nurture their development and support a smooth transition into school life.

FRIENDS for Life (ages 8-11)

FRIENDS for Life empowers participants to cope with their emotions and the emotions of others by using positive thoughts and self-regulation strategies. The program also teaches creative alternatives to solving problems, fostering the development of confidence and self-esteem and facilitating smooth transitions into adolescence.

The Adult Resilience Program

The Adult Resilience program is offered to parents and caregivers to increase their resilience and coping skills and to equip them in supporting their children to integrate the FRIENDS skills and language at home.

Community Resilience Program

Dr. Paula Barrett, the FRIENDS creator, and her team have developed a video workshop, using FRIENDS resilience skills that families can view and do on their own at home. It is called “Start Building Community Resilience” and includes just over 2 hours of material and electronic workbooks than can be personalized. While the video is targeted for an adult audience and provides a summary of the skills taught in the full program, the free electronic workbooks are for three age groups: adults (and adolescence); children; and young children.

If you are interested in receiving a link to this online program, please contact KIDTHINK at friends@kidthink.ca to provide us with your name and email address.

Accessing the FRIENDS Resilience Programs

Schools and Daycares

KIDTHINK welcomes the opportunity to partner with schools and daycares to get this resource, with its general mental health strategies, into the hands of children and their caregivers and teachers. For more information on how we can work together to deliver the program within classroom environments contact us at friends@kidthink.ca


Parents and caregivers who are interested in participating in the FRIENDS Resilience program can contact info@kidthink.ca. Please note that the group programs are scheduled based on interest.