Outreach Clinician - Occupational Therapist

POSITION: Outreach Clinician - Occupational Therapist

JOB TYPE: Permanent, Full-Time (EFT negotiable)

LOCATION: Winnipeg, Manitoba

SALARY: $72,000 - $90,000

ABOUT KIDTHINK Children’s Mental Health Centre Inc.:

KIDTHINK is a Manitoba-based children’s mental health clinic in the heart of Winnipeg. KIDTHINK is committed to providing a timely, wholistic approach to care for the child and their family by providing direct clinical and outreach support services. We provide evidence-based treatment and assessment services with a focus on children ages 12 years and under. The programs and services we offer are strength-based, culturally sensitive and trauma informed. KIDTHINK also supports parents by providing parent coaching and their own mental health treatment. We understand the importance of the child’s community and so provide outreach services to enhance these supports. KIDTHINK is a creative, innovative and forward-thinking mental health organization whose mission endeavors to improve the lives of children and their families. You will be joining a team that understands that we must share the responsibility to ensure that our children have easy and early access to the resources that promote health, wellbeing and optimal human development. You will work in a collaborative, supportive and dynamic team environment that fosters your growth as a professional.


Under the direction of the Clinical Director, this position provides community mental health support, education, behavioural consultation, mental health assessments, and evidence-based treatment to children within their home and community settings. The Outreach Clinician is a distinctive role with the opportunity to engage deeply with a child’s circle of support, offering training on various topics to bolster evidence-based strategies, thereby enhancing the mental health knowledge of families and the broader community.




Please send cover letter and resume to admin@kidthink.ca