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On May 7th, 2019, the KIDTHINK team invited the community to help promote Canada’s National Child and Youth Mental Health Day. This day fell within Mental Health Week but was specific to children’s mental health. It was started in 2007 by two mothers in British Columbia and since 2010 has been led by a mental health organization, Family Smart, in BC. While awareness of this health promotion day has gained some momentum in BC, it is not well known or recognized in some other provinces, including Manitoba. KIDTHINK wanted to change this.


We are all well aware of the statistics related to children’s mental health and the fact that 70% of mental health disorders have their onset in childhood or adolescence. On May 7th, we invited the community to BAND TOGETHER with us to bring awareness to this day and to children’s mental health and the importance of prevention and early intervention. Our 2019 initiative was to start a Green Headband Day as green is the colour for mental health and mental health and well-being are related to the mind/head.  The reception and level of participation was incredibly strong and inspiring.

Of particular notability was that for the first time the Government of Manitoba, through the Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living, the Honourable Cameron Friesen, proclaimed May 7th, 2019 as Child and Youth Mental Health Day in Manitoba! Moreover, Mayor Brian Bowman, for the first time, lit up the Winnipeg Sign in green to show support for the initiative and raise awareness of child and youth mental health day. We are grateful for MLA Sarah Guillemard for her assistance and support of this awareness day and the event that took place at the Manitoba Legislative Building, as well as her heartfelt Private Member Statement.

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