Project 11

PROJECT 11 is inspired and created in honor of #11, Rick Rypien, former player of the Winnipeg Jets and Manitoba Moose. It is available to support students in Kindergarten to grade 4 (English or French) and in grades 5 to 8 (English) with virtual tutorials educating students about Mental Wellness.

PROJECT 11 is an engaging cross-curricular proactive program targeting Manitoba’s English Language Arts and Health Education outcomes. Weekly lessons and daily activities have been designed to help support students and teachers in bringing mental health awareness, along with positive coping skills into their lives.

In addition to the Mental Wellness lessons, there are over 160 daily activities promoting healthy lifestyle practices that teachers can access and incorporate into their class:

  • Yoga
  • Indigenous Dancing
  • Fun with Fitness
  • Art Energy
  • Music and Rhythm
  • Fun with Food
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Laughing Yoga
  • Mindful Moments

Lesson Plan Themes:

  • K to Grade 4: Self-Awareness, Friendship, & Character Development
  • Grade 5: Friendship, Communication, & Self-Reflection
  • Grade 6: Stress, Communication, & Self-Reflection
  • Grade 7: Self-Awareness, Communication, & Relationships
  • Grade 8: Self-Awareness, Relationships, & Community

PROJECT 11 uses concepts such as practicing focusing the mind, increasing self-awareness of feelings and strengths, and building positive relationships. By concentrating on these areas, it is our goal for students to:

  • Build a sense of their own team as a class
  • Increase their ability to connect with one another
  • Increase self-awareness of social, emotional and physical wellness
  • Create a stage of empathy
  • Enhance their academic performance
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