The Vision


A Canada that meets the mental health needs of every child.

The Mission


To improve the lives of children and their families.

The Core Beliefs


At KIDTHINK, we believe in:

  • Conducting ourselves with the highest standards of ethical behaviour when helping our clients, interacting with our colleagues and protecting ​KIDTHINK’s​ interest and reputation. 
  • Celebrating similarities and differences by encouraging the development and growth of each team member and promoting a healthy and secure working environment. 
  • Being an effective service provider by hiring the best people to provide the highest level of care to the children, families and other individuals that seek ​KIDTHINK’S​ help and support.  
  • Sharing the responsibility to ensure that our children have easy and early access to the resources that promote mental health, long-term well-being and optimal human development.

The Core Values

  • We will inspire everyone around us with our ​PASSION ​for providing the best mental health care for children and their families. 
  • There is excitement in being part of the ​COMMUNITY​, in coming together and working towards common goals. 
  • We RESPECT ​ ​and believe in strong partnerships and fostering an atmosphere of cooperation, open mindedness and a positive attitude towards ourselves and others. 
  • We model ​INTEGRITY ​by being transparent in our words and actions. We believe in promising exactly what we can do for our children, families, stakeholders and partners. 
  • Inspiration and ​INNOVATION ​are the reasons KIDTHINK exist.The KIDTHINK​ ​founder asked, “why not?” We believe that continuously looking for better ways to serve others makes a difference and a positive impact in their lives, and ours. 
  • We aim for ​EXCELLENCE ​in every task that we undertake. We focus on long-term well-being and creating value for all who connect with KIDTHINK.

The Core Objectives

  • KIDTHINK​ ​is passionate about ​PREVENTION ​and ​EARLY INTERVENTION​. 
  • KIDTHINK will focus on providing ​EVIDENCE- BASED CLINICAL SERVICES​ for children AGES 12 YEARS AND UNDER​ and their families. 
  • Through​ OUTREACH SERVICES​, KIDTHINK​ ​will be a ​HOLISTIC ​children’s mental health centre that will identify and enhance the child’s support system. 
  • Providing ​INTENSIVE TREATMENT SERVICES ​for children and their families and ​PARENT TREATMENT SERVICES​ for parents to support their children’s long-term well-being makes KIDTHINK​ ​unique. 
  • KIDTHINK​ ​will provide ​ACCESSIBLE ​and ​TIMELY ​programs and services to decrease overall wait-times in the Province and the country. 
  • KIDTHINK​ ​will participate in and support ​RESEARCH ​initiatives that enhance the provision of children’s mental health services in Manitoba and Canada. 
  • KIDTHINK​ ​will implement a transparent ​OUTCOME ​monitoring system and be an active participant in the mental health community. 
  • KIDTHINK​ ​will model ​STEWARDSHIP ​of public resources as a result of more comprehensive prevention and intervention programs and services for children. 
  • KIDTHINK​ ​will provide the highest standard of care so that our community will have ​THRIVING CHILDREN​ and ​HEALTHY FAMILIES​.