Healthy Minds, Thriving Children
"Mental health is as important as physical health."

Mental Health Treatment for Children

Are you looking for a mental health clinician or child psychologist in Winnipeg MB?

Kidthink Children’s Mental Health Centre Inc. (KIDTHINK) is a mental health treatment centre and outreach program that focuses on child therapy and well-being for kids aged 12 and under in Manitoba.

We can help your child with anxiety treatment as well as ADHD, depression, behavioural, self esteem issues and learning challenges. If your child is struggling, our mental health professionals can help.

KIDTHINK provides child therapist, parenting and family support, child psychologists, and treatment from a multidisciplinary team that includes psychology, psychiatry, social work, and occupational therapy, and play therapy who all work together to give the children and their families the highest standard of care.


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Kidthink Children's Mental Health Centre Inc. is a Registered Charity.