Fully Funded Client Care (FFCC)

Through this program, qualifying clients will receive vital mental health services at no charge.
As KIDTHINK continues to grow, we need to evolve our service offerings so that our resources are most efficiently allocated and the community is best served. In 2022, we were excited to launch our Fully Funded Client Care program (FFCC). Through this program, qualifying clients receive vital mental health services at no charge. This is distinct from our existing Client Care Subsidy Program (CCSP) which  allows clients to access our services at a subsidized rate. 

Upon intake, clients are assigned to one of now three categories: Full-Fee Care, CCSP, or FFCC. To which program a client is assigned is determined by our sliding-scale calculator which considers both household income and size. By introducing FFCC, we are better able to meet the needs of our clients. Moreover, we are addressing head-on the needs of our community as this new program aids in increasing accessibility to care.

How to apply:

Contact the KIDTHINK Intake Coordinator at info@kidthink.ca or 431.388.5373 (Winnipeg, Manitoba). The Intake Coordinator will go over the application process with you.


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