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ConnectCare consists of professionally produced, expertly crafted, online video-based learning material for caregivers.

About ConnectCare 

ConnectCare is an online, video-based learning platform that provides psychoeducational content to help manage mental health challenges at home. After signing up, you are instantly given online access to ConnectCare content.

Currently, the ConnectCare series on Anxiety is available to be viewed. Soon, ConnectCare series on topics such as ADHD, OCD, depression, mindfulness, and behavioral issues will be available on the platform.

Each video series is crafted and delivered by KIDTHINK clinicians. Individual videos are approximately 10-15 minutes in length and can be viewed and re-watched at your own pace. In addition to the psychoeducational series, ConnectCare offers supplementary content like mental-health-based story time for families to enjoy together.

ConnectCare aims to address the unserved demand and wait-times for mental health services in Canada by providing easier access to evidence-based programming. The platform will help create a supportive community that can transform lives through the power of education and self-care.

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Control Intense Emotions

Control Intense Emotions

Process Feeling

Process Feelings



Understand Thoughts and Behaviours

Understand Thoughts
and Behaviors

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