Small Acts of Generosity sum to HUGE Change!

What is Employee Giving?

Employee Giving is a philanthropic strategy where staff may choose to
donate a small portion of their pay to a worthy cause. If desired, this
donation can be matched by the employer to supercharge the impact!

How can I start?

Many payroll programs allow for the activation of an Employee Giving
Program with just a few clicks. Some programs allow the employee to
select their preferred donation amount capped at a value chosen by the
employer. We at KIDTHINK would be happy to help you set-up your
employee giving program.

Why should I consider an Employee Giving
Program for my company?

  • Implementing an Employee Giving Program, you communicate to your staff that your
    company’s culture is one of generosity.
  • Employee Giving Programs also aid with employee retention and recruiting.
  • Empowering and supercharging your staff’s philanthropic activities, you create a sense
    of community and belonging while showing your staff that you value their choice to
  • Your customers will come to know that your corporation values your shared
  • KIDTHINK will recognize your company on social media and our website which,
    collectively, reach thousands of locals every month.
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The Impact!

  •  If each employee contributed $20/year – about a coffee from Starbucks once a week – your impact would be incredible!
  • Even with as few as 5 employees, a $20/month Employee Giving Program would be able to provide 2 local low-income or multi-barriered families access to no-cost evidence-based mental health care.

How to get your staff engaged!


Make it clear the importance of cause.

1 in 5 children has a mental illness and only 20% of those affected seek and receive treatment. The average wait-time for care in Manitoba is over 6 months. Collectively, your company could ensure that countless children and families receive the care they need.


Holding a draw once a month for participating employees is a fun way to reward them for their generosity while also inspiring more to join in. We are happy to offer high-quality KIDTHINK merchandise such as Champion brand clothing as a prize!

Nominate a Giving Champion.

Talking with your staff, finding someone who is passionate for the cause, and nominating them to lead the charge is a wonderful strategy for getting an Employee Giving Program off the ground.

Do the Do, and lead by example.

Your staff are likely to be motivated if they see the company executives step up first.

Start a friendly competition.

Competition breeds excellence. If your company is one of franchises or branches, competing with each other to find out which team can create the most change is a great way to get employees excited about giving!

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