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Complete the form on this page to register for your online ADHD workshop and in-person ADHD Group at KIDTHINK
Complete the form on this page to register for your online ADHD workshop and in-person ADHD Group at KIDTHINK

About the Online Workshop on ADHD for Caregivers

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an overview of ADHD diagnosis and treatment. Participants can expect to learn about ADHD as a developmental disorder that begins early in childhood, and participants will also learn about evidence-based approaches for treating ADHD. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the behaviour characteristics, key areas of functional impairment, and symptom presentation of ADHD
  • Identify and apply evidence-based parenting and teaching strategies for supporting children and youth with ADHD in the home, classroom, and community
  • About the ADHD Caregiver & Child In-Person Group

    This caregiver-child group will not only focus on learning about how ADHD impacts brain functioning but will provide comprehensive instruction on strategies that help manage the daily difficulties often experienced with ADHD. The information provided in this group is based on decades of scientific research, and will be delivered in a way that can be directly applied to day-to-day life. Caregivers and children will leave each session with tangible strategies that they can use together to work with executive functioning challenges that are associated ADHD, while prioritizing the importance of the caregiver-child relationship. In this group, caregivers and children will learn to work with their brains, and use their personal strengths to work towards successful outcomes.
  • Understanding ADHD: Each session will include a segment dedicated to understanding how ADHD impacts brain functioning, based on decades of scientific research.
  • Practical Strategies: Comprehensive instruction on effective strategies to manage ADHD symptoms in daily life, ensuring that both caregivers and children leave each session with tangible tools they can immediately apply.
  • Executive Functioning: Focused activities designed to improve executive functioning skills, crucial for managing ADHD-related challenges.
  • Caregiver-Child Collaboration: Emphasis on activities and strategies that caregivers and children can work on together, reinforcing the importance of a strong, supportive relationship.
  • Strength-Based Approach: Encouragement to identify and leverage personal strengths, helping participants achieve successful outcomes by working with their brains, not against them.
  • Workshop and Group Registration

      In-person group programs run for 10 weeks at 2nd Floor- 407 Graham Ave, Winnipeg, MB from 5:30 pm- 7:30 pm


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