ConnectCare Questionnaire

The purpose of this questionnaire is to provide users instant access to relevant information and resources based on their responses to evidence-based statements.

The questionnaire is separated into 5 sections: Anxiety, Aggression, Social Disengagement, Hyperactivity, Sleep, Conflict, and Depression. Each section presents a series of statements associated with the corresponding subject. Further explanation regarding each statement is revealed by clicking the downward facing yellow arrow. The user selects a response using the slider. The possible responses are explained by hovering over the information circle.

Once you submit your responses, the ConnectCare Questionnaire tabulates scores for each category. As a result of the scores, the system recommends clinician-approved resources. Additionally, you’ll have the option to have your results sent to a KIDTHINK staff member for review.

It is important to note that the ConnectCare Questionnaire does not provide a diagnosis. Its purpose is to provide resources that may help your child and family. The ConnectCare Questionnaire does not act as a substitute for treatment and is available strictly for educational purposes.


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