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Anonymous Parent Testimonial

It has been wonderful working with Tamara. As we encounter stressful situations, she has been incredibly supportive and helpful. Her expertise helped us find solutions to help my child. We are grateful Tamara. Thank you!

Anonymous Parent Testimonial
Anonymous Parent Testimonial

Thank you very much! We both feel a lot more confident that we're helping her the best way we can!

Alyssa Lambkin-Anderson
Mental Health Advocate

My time at KIDTHINK taught me a lot of what I know about parenting.

Lynn Tran
Director of Operations, GoodLocal

Mental health is something that growing up as kids wasn’t talked about. Reflecting now as an adult, this would have been an incredible resource to have and a topic that I wish was talked about more because it is something we all could have benefited from.

Quenifer Lung
Mental Health Advocate

It’s so important to receive early intervention so that mental health problems are addressed early. When they are addressed early, children have the tools and strategies to make them succeed. Children are our future in society and it’s important to support our future.

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